BMID Staff

Water is an essential service that Black Mountain Irrigation District provides. In an arid climate such as the Southern Interior, the importance of water is magnified. The staff at BMID is committed to ensuring the water remains safe, reliable, and supplied at the highest possible quality. People that work in the water supply industry are very committed and understand the importance of their duties. Our staff has a long history of providing a high level of service to our community. The Board of Trustees works closely with the Administrator and staff to ensure the best possible outcome for operations and customer service.

Staffing consists of: Administrator; Operations Superintendent; Office Manager, 3 clerical office staff; 11 water distribution and 2 water treatment plant crew.

Our priorities are:

  • First to our existing ratepayers to provide them with a safe and adequate supply of water;
  • to our regulators to make sure we meet all of their requirements for safety, reliability, and sustainability;
  • To provide services to external agencies and persons wishing to do business with BMID, including community groups, local businesses and land developers.

We have an opening for the Administrator position! Click here for more information.

KEVINBURTCHKevin Burtch, Operations Superintendent


June 15, 2018

Water Quality Advisory Lifted

The Black Mountain Irrigation District has removed the Water Quality Advisory for all users on the water system.  Turbidity levels have decreased to below 1.00 NTU in the distribution system which is categorized as "Good" on the turbidity index.