Current Bylaws

Here are the Black Mountain Irrigation District's current bylaws. Please note that these bylaws are placed here as a public service only, and have no legal standing. For a full copy of the bylaws, please contact the Black Mountain Irrigation District's office.

710 - 2018 Tolls & Schedule A

709 - 2017 Irrigation Tax Bylaw

706 - Capital Expenditure Charge Bylaw

702 - 2016 Domestic Toll Bylaw

699 - 2014 UV Disinfection Facility Borrowing Bylaw

678 - Schedule A - Capital Charge Bylaw
Property development charges for domestic, commercial, & other land uses.
Enacted: Nov. 27, 2007

669 - Tax Sale Charge Bylaw
A Bylaw for imposing a charge upon lands subject to tax sale in order to recover expenses incurred by the District related to the tax sale.
Enacted: Nov. 2, 2006

667 - 2006 Connection Fee Bylaw
A Bylaw for fixing the connection charge payable to the District and the time of payment thereof.
Enacted: Nov. 2, 2006

649 - 2000 Irrigation Assessment Bylaw
Land classification for irrigation tax assessment. (Refer to Bylaw 657).
Enacted: Nov. 2, 2000

624 - Cross Connection Control Bylaw
A bylaw for the control of backflow and cross connections to protect the potable water supply from possible contamination or pollution.
Enacted: May 27, 1993

619 - 1991 Subdivision Bylaw
A bylaw respecting the supply and installation of water systems within subdivisions.
Enacted: Apr. 22, 1991

610 - Regulating Domestic Water
A Bylaw for regulating the distribution and use of water for domestic purposes, commercial and industrial use and prescribing penalties for non-compliance with the regulation.
Enacted: May 30, 1988

593 - Irrigation Regulation & Penalties
A Bylaw to regulate the distribution and use of water for irrigation purposes, and prescribing penalties for non-compliance with the regulations.
Enacted: Jul. 13, 1983


June 15, 2018

Water Quality Advisory Lifted

The Black Mountain Irrigation District has removed the Water Quality Advisory for all users on the water system.  Turbidity levels have decreased to below 1.00 NTU in the distribution system which is categorized as "Good" on the turbidity index.