Current Bylaws

Here are the Black Mountain Irrigation District's current bylaws. Please note that these bylaws are placed here as a public service only, and have no legal standing. For a full copy of the bylaws, please contact the Black Mountain Irrigation District's office.

710 - 2018 Tolls & Schedule A

709 - 2017 Irrigation Tax Bylaw

706 - Capital Expenditure Charge Bylaw

702 - 2016 Domestic Toll Bylaw

699 - 2014 UV Disinfection Facility Borrowing Bylaw

678 - Schedule A - Capital Charge Bylaw
Property development charges for domestic, commercial, & other land uses.
Enacted: Nov. 27, 2007

669 - Tax Sale Charge Bylaw
A Bylaw for imposing a charge upon lands subject to tax sale in order to recover expenses incurred by the District related to the tax sale.
Enacted: Nov. 2, 2006

667 - 2006 Connection Fee Bylaw
A Bylaw for fixing the connection charge payable to the District and the time of payment thereof.
Enacted: Nov. 2, 2006

649 - 2000 Irrigation Assessment Bylaw
Land classification for irrigation tax assessment. (Refer to Bylaw 657).
Enacted: Nov. 2, 2000

624 - Cross Connection Control Bylaw
A bylaw for the control of backflow and cross connections to protect the potable water supply from possible contamination or pollution.
Enacted: May 27, 1993

619 - 1991 Subdivision Bylaw
A bylaw respecting the supply and installation of water systems within subdivisions.
Enacted: Apr. 22, 1991

610 - Regulating Domestic Water
A Bylaw for regulating the distribution and use of water for domestic purposes, commercial and industrial use and prescribing penalties for non-compliance with the regulation.
Enacted: May 30, 1988

593 - Irrigation Regulation & Penalties
A Bylaw to regulate the distribution and use of water for irrigation purposes, and prescribing penalties for non-compliance with the regulations.
Enacted: Jul. 13, 1983


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