Current Rates

New Property Owner Account Fees:*

New Account Start-Up $20.00

2016 Annual Irrigation Tax Rates:

Grade “A” Land $93.00 per acre
Grade “C” Land $72.00 per acre

2017 Domestic Toll Rates:

Residential $45.00 per month
Residential with Suite $67.50 per month

For more information on our rates please refer to the following:


It is important for the agricultural meter on your property to be properly winterized.

It will be your responsibility to ensure air or water is not blown backwards through the meter into the BMID system during the winterization of your system, as this process will damage the meter. If a meter requires replacement due to a property owner’s lack of care and attention, it will be at the property owner’s expense.

In accordance with the requirements set out in our licensing, BMID crew will begin turning off irrigation during the week of October 2, 2017. At this time they will close the gate valve at the property. The OWNER must ensure this gate valve is OPEN once their irrigation system has been winterized. Failure to open the gate valve may result in a cracked valve which will have to be replaced at the property owner’s expense.

If you have any questions regarding your agricultural meter or this winterization process, please contact the office at 250-765-5169. Thank you for your co-operation.