Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees are:


Allen Kirschner


Term 2017 - 2020

Sukpaul Bal 640X480  

Sukpaul Bal


Term 2019 - 2021



Term 2019 - 2022



Term 2019 - 2022

   Colin Day 2      

Colin Day

Trustee (Chairman)

Term 2018 - 2021

The duty of the Board is to ensure that the District is being operated in a responsible and sustainable manner. They review all aspects of the District business and operations and meet twice a month, generally on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month, to make major decisions on behalf of the ratepayers who elected them. They are tasked with a very important role and take their duties very seriously.

The 2019 Annual General Meeting was held Wednesday, April 17, 2019 at 7:00 pm at the BMID Office, 285 Gray Road, Kelowna, BC.

The terms of office for Trustees, Al Horning and Gerry Zimmermann, expired in April 2019, and Nominations for both individuals were received during the formal Nomination period.  As no other Nominations were received, Trustees Al Horning and Gerry Zimmermann were re-elected by Acclamation.

Due to the recent passing of Gordon Ivans, a By-Election was called to fill the remaining 2 years of his 3 year Trustee Term.  One nomination for this position was received for Sukpaul Bal.  As no other Nominations were received, Trustee Sukpaul Bal was elected by Acclamation.   

Trustee Elections are called annually to fill the rotating three (3) year terms for the Trustees. 


If you wish to be emailed about future Advisories, please send your email address to .

For WATER EMERGENCIES after hours, call 250-868-5737.



This article is in response to the high level of concern generated by the CASTANET news article issued on their webpage on January 9, 2020.  With the boiling pot of water and alarmist messaging, the article is misleading the public that there is imminent and dangerous risk from the water in BMID and also that BMID is not properly informing of public of such risk. 

CASTANET stating that BMID has "UNSAFE WATER" is completely untrue and misleading.  

On January 7, 2020, BMID issued a Water Quality Advisory to the media outlets and our sensitive customers list of the planned shut down to repair a leak in one of our transmission mains. We informed the public in the same way that we have in the past for prior water quality incidents.  The leak resulted in the shut down of our Ultra-violet Light Disinfection Facility.  This facility is one of several barriers that BMID has in place to protect the public. It is not the only barrier.

A Water Quality Advisory does not mean there is imminent risk, it means that the water quality has changed and that there may be increased risk.  For this incident, the risk is extremely low.  The watershed is frozen with good water quality at this time.  BMID has weeks of test records from an external lab, Caro Analytical Services, that shows that there is no E.Coli or faecal matter in the water prior to chlorine disinfection.  Chlorine disinfection contact time is longer than 12 hours before water reaches the first customer.  That is approximately 6 times longer than what is required to inactivate Giardia Lamblia (Beaver Fever).

As required by our regulator, Interior Health, this advisory was issued as standard protocol as BMID has one less barrier in place.  It was not issued because there is imminent risk.    Should there be a Boil Water Notice, or a Do-Not-Drink the water notice issued, where we know there is heightened risk, there will be a much higher level of public engagement including more frequent media releases and street signs in our service area as per our standard protocol.

We are very aware of the sensitivities around the supply of water and can understand the concern of the public after reading the CASTANET article.  It is unfortunate that the reporter did not contact senior BMID staff to get the story correct.  Although we continually are upgrading our emergency reporting procedures, it is difficult to have a program that will be able to reach everyone. 

 If you are not on the direct e-mail list for advisories, please submit your e-mail to  to be on the list for when advisories are issued or rescinded. 


Thank you for your patience through this advisory.

Bob Hrasko, P.Eng.