For Utility Billing

Property Sales:  Lawyer's Tax & Tolls Utility Search Request

  • Lawyers are required to submit a Tax & Toll Request to BMID to obtain the balance owed on account.  Once the Lawyer receives the information with the amount owing to BMID, they will submit the outstanding payment to BMID and make the appropriate adjustment on the Buyers/Sellers Statement of Adjustments.  
  • Once BMID receives the Title change from Land Titles BC with the new owner's information, we will close the seller's  account and set up the new owner's account.
  • As residential accounts are not metered, BMID will not shut the water off/on when changing ownership.
  • See the "Maps tab" for BMID boundaries / roads within our District.

Pre-Authorized Payment Form
Sign up and enjoy the convenience of having your payment automatically withdrawn from your bank account. 

E-Billing Set up or Cancellation - Commercial

E-Billing Set up or Cancellation - Domestic


  Fax or mail your completed forms to:

Black Mountain Irrigation District
285 Gray Rd
Kelowna, BC  V1X 1W8

Ph: 250-765-5169 ....... Fax: 250-765-0277

 Completed forms can also be emailed to


MOVING?  PLEASE NOTE:  If you have moved, or the owner on the property title has changed, your BMID account number will change.  Please check your invoice details and update your online banking set-up information before you make your payment.


ONLINE BANKING SET-UP:   To set up your account online, search the "add a payee" in the payment section of your bank's website.  Enter 'Black Mountain' only and ensure you choose Black Mountain Irrigation District - please note that some banks may abbreviate our name. 

  • For quarterly or monthly billing, choose Tolls, and enter 3 numbers, 3 letters with 3 numbers, followed by 3 numbers:  Example:  000 ABC123 000.
  • For annual irrigation tax billing, choose Taxes, and enter your entire BMID roll number (usually 11 digits, all numbers, omit the periods) located in the top left corner of your BMID irrigation tax invoice.  If your bank asks for 12 digits, add a 0 at the front of the roll number. Do not use your City of Kelowna or RDCO tax folio number.
  • Please ensure you have chosen the correct account to pay (Tolls or Taxes), to ensure your payment is applied properly.  


UNSURE WHO YOUR WATER PROVIDER IS?  Click here and insert your address:

Find your water provider - City of Kelowna







For WATER EMERGENCIES after hours, call 604-815-6051 (Toll Free 1-888-380-1449).


For customers within the District's water service boundaries (i.e. properties supplied by BMID),

as of AUGUST 4, 2023, BMID is in Stage 1 Water Use Restrictions.  

Please refer to the city-wide Kelowna Coordinated Drought Plan link here for details.


Sign up for Water Quality Notifications:  If you wish to be emailed about future Water Quality Advisories, please send your email address to


Agricultural Connections:  Turn-Offs will begin the week of October 10, 2023.  See our main page for more information. 


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