Current/Recent Projects

  • UV Disinfection Facility - BMID recently completed construction and commissioned the Gord Ivans UV Facility.  The District now utilizes Ultra-Violet disinfection in addition to chlorination, as recommended by Interior Health Authority.   The project included the installation of UV Reactors and included the tie-in to the existing in-service distribution mains.

  • Weston Road Well - (Well No. 6) was drilled and commissioned to supplement the flows and increase capacity to the separated system in the Scotty Creek area.  This project included upgrades to the existing Well, including renewal of the existing pump, motor and riser pipe. A new building for electrical and instrumentation has been built. The new building will also house chlorine injection to provide water disinfection and will prevent re-growth within the distribution system mains using ground water. 

  • Hwy 97 Widening - Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure recently completed a $55 million project that included urban widening and intersection improvements of HWY 97 from Highway 33 to Edwards Road, including realignment of Finns and Rutland Road.  In conjunction with the project, BMID entered into an agreement to have all existing Asbestos-Concrete (AC) mains in the project area replaced by PVC mains.  Some of the existing mains were upsized for increased capacity.

  • Water Treatment Plant Upgrades - BMID retained CTQ Consultants Ltd. to prepare a Preliminary Concepts Report for the Winterization and Capacity Improvements of the existing Water Treatment Plant (WTP).  The main objective was to develop a concept design solution which will allow the WTP to operate during the winter months when the temperature is below freezing.  BMID also plans to add an additional sedimentation clarifier and rapid mix flocculation tank to the existing WTP. These upgrades will help facilitate the anticipated increase in water demand from future growth and high usage during summer months. 
  • PRV Upgrades - BMID has been upgrading various Pressure Regulating Valve Stations to eliminate the need for Confined Space entry, per WorkSafe BC guidelines.  This is an ongoing project. 
  • Dam Safety Upgrades - BMID undergoes regular Dam Safety Reviews for our numerous dams in the watershed.  The DSR identifies any upgrades or maintenance items that are required.  Various projects are underway as per the regulatory requirements. 

    The Board of Trustees has approved all projects noted above.  The Capital Plan (for new BMID projects) is currently under review, adding new projects as required to meet the District's future needs. 


For WATER EMERGENCIES after hours, call 604-815-6051 (Toll Free 1-888-380-1449)


Water Quality Advisory - starting September 27, 2022

Please be advised that the Black Mountain Irrigation District has issued a precautionary Water Quality Advisory for the entire BMID service area, due to a change in water treatment. 

This Advisory has been called due to preventative maintenance work being performed on BMID infrastructure.  In order to perform the work, water will have to bypass the Ultra-Violet Disinfection Facility, which provides treatment for protozoa such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia.  While water may not be treated with UV, the water will still be treated with the clarification process and disinfected with chlorine. 

The Advisory will begin on Tuesday, September 27 when the work begins. The UV facility will be operational by end of day on September 28, 2022.  However, the Advisory must continue until approximately October 5, 2022 when fully treated water (i.e. treated with both chlorination and ultra-violet disinfection) will have dispersed throughout the entire distribution system. BMID will rescind this Advisory once testing results have been reviewed by Interior Health.

Customers affected by the precautionary Water Quality Advisory (such as the elderly, those with young children or infants, those with weakened immune systems or anyone seeking a higher level of protection) may wish to boil their water for at least one minute when using it for purposes such as:

  • Drinking
  • Brushing Teeth
  • Washing fruits & vegetables to be eaten raw
  • Preparing any food
  • Mixing baby formula
  • Making beverages or ice

BMID requests that all customers reduce their water use, especially those using outdoor / agricultural irrigation on September 27 & 28th.  BMID apologizes for any inconvenience this Advisory may cause and appreciates your patience during this time.

If you have any questions, contact Black Mountain Irrigation District office at (250) 765-5169.


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