Current Bylaws

Copies of the key District Bylaws are provided below for reference. All remaining bylaws, including repealed bylaws, are available for public review at BMID's office during regular business hours. Bylaws are either registered by the Inspector of Municipalities or filed with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing, dependent on the Bylaw regulations imposed under the Local Government Act.

733 - 2023 Irrigation Tax Bylaw

732 - Miscellaneous Fee Bylaw

730 - 2023 Tolls Bylaw & Schedule A

729 - 2022 Irrigation Tax Bylaw

725 - Latecomer Bylaw & Agreement

720 - Connection Fee Bylaw

716 - Assessment Bylaw

706 - Capital Expenditure Charge Bylaw

699 - 2014 UV Disinfection Facility Borrowing Bylaw

669 - Tax Sale Charge Bylaw

624 - Cross Connection Control Bylaw

619 - Subdivision Bylaw

610 - Regulating Domestic Water

593 - Irrigation Regulation & Penalties



For WATER EMERGENCIES after hours, call 604-815-6051 (Toll Free 1-888-380-1449).


For customers within the District's water service boundaries (i.e. properties supplied by BMID),

as of AUGUST 4, 2023, BMID is in Stage 1 Water Use Restrictions.  

Please refer to the city-wide Kelowna Coordinated Drought Plan link here for details.


Sign up for Water Quality Notifications:  If you wish to be emailed about future Water Quality Advisories, please send your email address to


Agricultural Connections:  Turn-Offs will begin the week of October 10, 2023.  See our main page for more information. 


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